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California Villa

The new creative design. Fall in love with our California Villa.
From only $2,998/mo.

Check available lots today.
California Villa 2 Front Without Garage Door_

All New

Oasis Villa

Express Your Inner Creativity

From only $1,578/mo.  Check Available Lots Today

The Legacy Villa

Leave Your Legacy

Modern. Edgy. Cosmopolitan. 

It’s time to rethink what city living should be like. 

Starting from $966/mo.

Sky Villa

For Those Who Love Enjoying the Outdoor Environment!
From only $781/mo.

Check available lots today.

The Regency Villa

The Regency Villa is a spacious 168 m2 detached villa style home.

Starting from $660/mo.

The Jasmine Villa

Your home-owning journey starts here.

Say hello to the best ‘starter’ home on the market.

Detached home. Grassed in yard. 70m2 of living space. 

Rethink what city living should be like.

Starting from $349/mo.

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House for Sale in Borey Williams

Borey Williams is a premium real estate company in Cambodia. Husband and wife team William and Sokunthy Naramore founded the company in 2018 with the dual vision to build homes that customers fall in love with; and to provide the best home-buying experience in Cambodia.

Borey Williams has introduced American style housing concepts to the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh. Our brand is based around the core values of: Design & Concept; Customization; Value; and Buying Experience.

Design & Concept

The Borey Williams design is edgy and young. Aimed at middle-income customers, our communities are full of green space creating the sense that you are living in an unrestricted American or Western community, with lots of community features such as swimming pools, fitness centres and kids’ playgrounds you will not discover in most Cambodian neighborhoods.


At Borey Williams, we believe your home should reflect your personality, as such we offer a range of upgrade and customization options from extra bedrooms to fixtures. We also have ready-made package upgrades for customers from home décor solutions, to home security systems.


Our villas start from $69,500 compared with between $250,000 and $700,000 for the average three- or four-bedroom, detached, single-family house in suburban Phnom Penh. This is unbeatable value for money! Each of our homes comes in a large lot, with gardens, air conditioners, and modern fitted kitchen, making Borey Williams the number one value for money real estate company in Cambodia.

Buying Experience

To accomplish our mission of providing the best home-buying experience in Cambodia, we have designed an entire New Home Buying Journey pathway for our customers. From our discovery meeting where we find what your dream home is, until the day we deliver it to you, the team at Borey Williams will ensure a seamless home-buying experience. It is this attention to detail and constant striving to provide the best home buying experience that makes Borey Williams the best real estate company in Cambodia.

Discover our range of dream homes and find the ideal one for you.