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Customer Service Department Contact Information 

Our Customer Service Department is here to serve you, and make sure your home buying experience is a GREAT one! Buying a new home takes time, and we understand you may have questions along the way, or even after you move in. Our fast and knowledgeable Customer Service staff are here 7 days a week to get your questions and concerns answered quickly. Below are some of the most common questions we get from our customers:

  • Phone: +(855) 085 200 909 / +(855) 069 32 82 02
  • Email:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you want to see your home under construction you can schedule a site-visit by contacting Customer Service and scheduling a time to visit, or you can simply request a construction update by calling Customer Service and asking for an update.

Maybe. There are three (3) deadlines of home construction that will affect your ability to submit a customization request: 

  • First, if your home construction has NOT yet started, there is still time to submit a request for customization and make the changes you want. 
  • Second, if your home has already started construction with structural work only, then non-structural customization requests can still be submitted with enough time to make the changes you want. 
  • Third, if your home construction has BEGUN masonry work, then no additional customization requests will be permitted.

Your assigned loan officer in the Borey Williams loan department can check the status of your loan at any time. If you don’t know who your assigned loan officer is, contact our Customer Service or Finance departments and ask to speak to your loan officer.

No. Government tax offices in each district conduct their own yearly assessments of property value and issue invoices for property taxes to home owners directly, usually by letter.

If you see a problem with your home and want to make a warranty claim, you can simply contact Customer Service and ask to make a warranty claim. Check the details of your New Home Warranty to see everything that is covered under warranty and whether the problem you see with your home is included or not.

You can first check your purchase agreement for details on your next payment date. If it is not stipulated in your contract or you have a progressive payment arrangement, then you can contact the Finance Department directly to check on your next payment date.

Sometimes. Our housing communities are large and we plan the construction of each project by phases (or zones) where phase 1 will be completed before phase 2, and phase 2 will be completed before phase 3, and so on. If you purchased a home in an earlier phase, it will have an earlier construction completion date than a home in a subsequent phase. If you would like your home to be finished ahead of the scheduled completion date, you may submit a request to expedite construction of your home to Customer Service. Borey Williams will try to accommodate requests for expedited construction when possible.

Yes, if it is approved. You must submit a Request to Modify your property through Customer Service and get approval from Borey Williams management prior to making any fixed structure modifications to your home.

Borey Williams will release your sub-divided hard title to you after your home is paid in full. If you are using a bank loan to pay off your home, the hard title will need to be transferred to your name and kept with your bank loan provider as loan collateral. Your bank loan provider will keep your property hard title until the loan is paid in full, at which point they will release it to you.

Termite protection through chemical treatment is not standard on homes. You can purchase professional chemical termite protection through Borey Williams if you wish to. This can be provided prior to, or during home construction. If your home is already completed, then you can purchase termite protection from a third party provider of your choice.

Customer Service Department Contact Information