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Finding new home?

Which model do you love?

We discovery your requirement and consult you to reaching out got your dream homes with right budget. Our sale team have more powerful and full skill with many experiences in real estate sector they’re not only sale homes but their always help you by finding your home requirement with budget and make you deeply understanding about local environments before decision making to buy home in Borey Williams.

We smile, friendly, helpful and make you enjoy with your new home and flexible.

Sale Process

New Home Buying Journey

Step 1 – Discovery meeting

Right at the start of your journey, we want to discover what you really love about a home. Our experienced sales consultants will ask you several discovery questions about your living style, family needs, and past home purchase experiences to make sure we design the right home for you. 

Step 2 – Take a tour!

Relax and let us be your personal tour guide! We’ll show you our different project locations, the key features in each, available lots, and our various model homes. This will give you a good taste of options available and what’s popular with our other customers. 

Step 3 – Choose a lot

You can choose the same floorplan as someone else, but your home lot location is totally unique. Your sales consultant will show you which lots watch what you want. Whether it’s having maximum privacy, choosing a busy corner lot to start a home business, or even choosing a lot that has the best view for watching sunsets, we’ll help you choose the right one. 

Step 4 – Choose a floorplan

We pride ourselves on having home designs that customers absolutely love! In this step, you will discuss with your sales consultant which floorplan you love most and whether or not you would like to modify it further. Would you like to add a bedroom, add walk-in closets, or make a bigger kitchen? No problem! We can customize your floorplan to make it fit your needs. 

Step 5 – Choose your upgrades

In this step, your sales consultant will show you lots of EXCITING options to upgrade your new home. Have you always wanted white marble counter tops for your kitchen, or modern décor for your living room so you can entertain guests? How about getting extra land so you can plant a vegetable garden or even put in a private pool for the kids?! Get creative, have fun, and choose which options will make your dream home perfect.

Step 6 – Select your financing option

We make this part EASY. Your sales consultant will walk you through the process of selecting which payment option best fits your budget. Borey Williams has dedicated lenders to help you get the home financing you need, without the usual headaches of doing it yourself. 

Step 7 – Book your home!

Put a small deposit down to book your home and we put your name on your lot reserving it for you. Congratulations! … You’re a homeowner!!! 

***Construction begins***

Step 8 – Meeting with your Home Loan Officer 

Shortly after you book your home, our Home Loan Officer will schedule a meeting with you to process your loan (if you need one). We gather your personal financial info to submit to our lenders to get you the loan you need. No stress for you … let us do all the work. 

Step 9 – Meeting with an Engineer

We know you will have questions along the way before your home is done being built. We will schedule a time for you to meet with one of our professional Engineers to discuss any final adjustments to your floorplan, upgrades you purchased, and answer any technical questions you may have. 

Step 10 – Meeting with our Customer Service staff

Before your home is complete, our customer service staff will schedule a time to meet with you to finalize your homeowner documentation. In this meeting we will process paperwork for electricity and water hookup, your Borey membership card, and pool ID cards for your family. 

Step 11 – FINAL Inspection

After construction of your new home is complete and checked by our Engineering team, we will arrange a meeting with you to come make a final walk-through your home. After signing your final inspection, your new home warranty begins, and we hand the keys over to you…. Which means you can …

Step 12 – MOVE IN!!!!!!

Step 13 – Ongoing service

  • Even after you move in, our Customer Service team is at the ready if you have any concerns or needs. Also, your new home is under warranty just in case there are any adjustments that need to be made. Rest easy and enjoy your new home!
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Finding new home?