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At Borey Williams we do not focus solely on providing you with the dream home. We also present you with the opportunity of owning your own retail commercial property close to your home.

If you are looking to purchase retail real estate in Phnom Penh this could be the perfect opportunity for you. Shopping in Phnom Penh has changed rapidly in the past decade with the emergence of major shopping malls such as AEON. Now Cambodians are looking to shop in modern air-conditioned complexes rather than at the local market.

At the same time the retail commercial property market in Phnom Penh has become more congested, especially in downtown areas, as the urban population has shifted increasingly to more suburban areas, such as Khan Kambol. Popular Khan Sen Sok with its AEON Mall 2, Makro, and other large shops is a prime example of the changing tide in commercial real estate in Phnom Penh.

The emergence of Borey Williams has transformed Kambol district and opened up retail commercial property opportunities for budding entrepreneurs.

Williams Plaza

One example is Williams Plaza, the first shopping mall in Kambol district. Measuring 5,000 square meters, and with its vibrant, contemporary design, Williams Plaza has numerous flexible retail spaces for sale. Close to Sen Sok and AEON 2 Mall, this area is full of shopping potential.

Romdul Market

With 221 units available, Romdul market is clean and modern, with music creating an attractive environment for customers. The first such large market in the area, Romdul provides new shopping possibilities for the increasing local population, as well as excellent retail commercial property potential for purchasers.

Mini Mart

Mini marts represent great retail commercial property possibilities within the Borey Williams communities. Each mini mart measures 9 square meters with prices from $9,500. Either lease out your property or set up your own shop, selling convenience products within your community. You can even buy the adjoining lot to expand your mini mart retail space.

If you are interested in buying your own retail commercial property at Borey Williams, contact us at +(855) 085 200 909 / +(855) 069 32 82 02 or by email at