Borey Williams


Borey Williams Company Mission

1. Build homes that customers fall in LOVE with

2. Provide the absolute BEST home-buying experience in Cambodia

Borey Williams is a premium real estate company in Cambodia established with the dual mission to build homes that customers fall in love with; and to provide the best home-buying experience in Cambodia.

Borey Williams Co., Ltd. is a modern real estate company in Cambodia, based in the capital Phnom Penh. Husband and wife team William and Sokunthy Naramore started the company in 2018 with the vision to make a radical impact on the residential housing market in Cambodia by introducing American style housing concepts.

Our brand is centered around four main competitive advantages: Design & Concept; Customization; Value; and Buying Experience.

Design & Concept

Our home designs are young, expressive, and edgy. Unique to the Cambodian market, our floorplans really stand out and attract customers from all walks of life. Residents who live in our communities feel refreshed and rejuvenated by the open spaces and lack of restrictive fencing, which is typical of most Cambodian housing.

The ample use of green space featured in all our communities creates the sense you are living in an American or Western community. All Borey Williams’ projects have community swimming pools, exercise facilities and kids’ playgrounds, highly desirable features you won’t find in most Cambodian neighborhoods. Our homes are aimed at the middle-income customer demographic.


We are all different and at Borey Williams we believe our customers’ homes should reflect their individuality. Unlike most developers in Cambodia, Borey Williams offers a wide range of upgrade and customization options to make your home feel different to the rest. This means you can make changes to the floor plan, add extra bedrooms, create walk-in closets, and alter the tiling or fixtures in your property, to name just a few options.

We also provide ready-made package upgrades for customers to choose their ideal home décor packages, home security systems, as well as fencing and landscaping options. Nearly half of all our customers decide to purchase upgrades and customization options prior to moving in to their dream home.


Our house prices are considerably lower than the average house prices of other developers in Phnom Penh. The average three- or four-bedroom, detached, single-family house in suburban Phnom Penh sells for between $250,000 and $700,000, or more. Our villas, which start from $40,000 represent unbeatable value for money. Not only is our price a key differentiator, but so is the overall value customers receive when they purchase a Borey Williams home.

All our homes come in a large lot, and feature grassed gardens, air conditioners in all rooms, kitchen cabinets, water heaters, electric range, and an oven hood. In addition to this, all our homes and communities include a one-year new home warranty, maintenance service, pool and gym access, 24-hour security, community cleaning, and trash removal service. This combined packet is unmatched in the marketplace, and why Borey Williams is the number one value for money real estate company in Cambodia.

Buying Experience

To accomplish our mission of providing the best home-buying experience in Cambodia, we have designed an entire New Home Buying Journey pathway for our customers. This starts with a “discovery meeting” where we ask customers questions about your personal situation, such as whether you are a first-time home buyer or trying to sell your current home, your financing preferences, and how many children you have. All this helps us provide you with your perfect home and upgrade options.

Throughout construction of your home our engineering, finance and customer service teams will keep you informed of the progress of your home, and title transfer, as well as liaising with your lending bank. And our service does not stop when you move in to your dream property. Borey Williams actively manages the entire community to provide a safe, clean, and refreshing living environment for all. It is this attention to detail and constant striving to provide the best home buying experience that makes Borey Williams the best real estate company in Cambodia.

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