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The beauty of investing in real estate is that your investment is not just on paper but is backed by actual physical properties. Unlike other industries, property development gets to reap the rewards of appreciation, interest income, planned price increases, and predictable cash flows. Our margins and business model allow us to continue to provide excellent investment opportunities to our financial partners. We have 3 main investment opportunities for our financial partners, all of which exceed returns of most available investment opportunities available in the market. Our current opportunities include:

Option 1: Fixed term

  • Minimum investment amount $250,000
  • 2-year minimum term
  • Interest calculated annually
  • Interest plus principal payable upon term maturity
  • Return on investment (ROI) of up to 20% per year

Option 2: Credit line

  • Minimum investment amount $100,000
  • 3-year minimum term commitment
  • Interest and principal paid MONTHLY
  • Monthly payments to investor
  • Return on investment (ROI) of up to 15% per year)

Option 3: Purchase a block of homes

  • Minimum 5 home purchase
  • Can generate cashflow straight away through our customer Home Loan Program
  • Can use as rental properties or hold to sell at future date
  • Expected return on investment (ROI) 15-20% or more by time construction is complete

If you would like to invest with our company or learn more about our investment opportunities, contact us today at the information below: 

Mr. Rith Ravitou, CEO Assistant

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