Borey Williams



To be Partner or Suppliers?

Borey Williams, we build lovely home and more styles of home in projects, now we have two projects already and new project coming soon…

Want to be our supplier by follow this step:

1- Come and visit our project

2- Present the material

3- Material and spec follow Borey that is using right now

4-Term of payment (give us credit)

5- Service of transportation

6- Quality

7- Price ( special to us because bought as project)

8-If no deposit and there is warehouse available is better

Brand we use are

Jotun Paint

Every wall has an inspiring story to tell. A story that can be brought to life with the perfect colour and paint. Explore perfect colour combinations, designs and ideas for every room with Jotun.

SCG Concrete Roof 

Superior roofing aesthetics and performance unmatched Beautiful Colors – using the wet-on-wet coating process High Strength – produced using high quality SCG Portland Cement complying with international standard Leakage Protection – designed to have 3 layers of water leakage protection system throughout all edge. It was tested for more than 40 yeas thru wind load testing


Naturally inspired by the palm leaf and scientifically developed for the tropical climate, ISI PALM has become the best performing roofing solution brand for the company because it consistently delivers a strong value and sustainable proposition to our customers.


Orkin is the world’s LARGEST pest management company from America.


V-Steel is high-quality steel that meets international standards and has received ISO certification. The materials that are used in producing V-Steel are the world’s best, employing the latest technology from Italy.

Interested in becoming a supplier for Borey Williams?

If you want to becoming our supplier you must be have our brand used in project, reference, competitive cost and quality product recommend.