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Financing: Getting a Housing Loan in Cambodia

Borey Williams offers many different payment options for you to finance your new home purchase. Most of our customers use a mortgage loan through one of our local partner banks to finance their new home purchase. Our friendly and knowledgeable home loan officers will work on your behalf to get you the financing you need to cover your new home purchase. Borey Williams partners with several reputable commercial banks and financial institutions that provide our customers with easy and fast approvals, lower interest rates than the general public, and a no-headaches experience to quickly give you the financing you need. All of our current financing options are as follows:

Option 1

Cash purchase

  • One time cash payment for the price of the home


  • Large discounts available
  • Expedited construction
  • No interest costs

Option 2

Progressive payments as construction progresses

  • First payment: 30% at booking
  • Second payment: 20% after foundation work is completed
  • Third payment: 20% after roof is installed
  • Fourth payment: 20% after tile work is completed
  • Final payment: 10% at handover


  • Smaller lump sum payments
  • The construction reaches key benchmarks before you release payments
  • No interest costs

Option 3

Monthly payments with Borey Williams

  • Twenty (20) equal monthly payments with 0% interest


  • Steady monthly payments
  • No need for bank approvals
  • No interest costs

Option 4

Get a Housing Loan in Cambodia from a Bank

 Bank Loan

  • 15% – 30% down payment to Borey at booking
  • 70% balance is financed with one of Borey Williams’ partner banks
  • Monthly payment schedule for up to 20 years
  • Payments typically begin when construction on your home begins


  • The LOWEST monthly payment option
  • The payment option with the LOWEST down payment
  • Up to 20 years to pay off mortgage

Some of our partner banks we work with for your housing loan in Cambodia

Most of our customers finance their new home purchase through a mortgage loan with one of our partner banks. Borey Williams has several MOU partnership agreements with reputable commercial banks and financial institutions in Cambodia. They provide easy customer approvals, competitive rates, and low down payments. Borey Williams also has a full-time Loan Department that acts as your personal liaison to help you prepare and process your home loan. Our helpful staff are ready to work on your behalf to get you the bank financing you need without any headaches or stress.

Phnom Penh Commercial Bank

Cathay United Bank​

Union Commercial Bank​

Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia​

Borey Williams welcomes new banks and financial institutions that are interested to work with Borey Williams on end-user financing, construction loan financing, and other commercial loan products. These opportunities can be discussed in detail with our Finance Department and the company’s senior management at the contact information below:

Contact Borey Williams Finance Department

CellCard : +(855) 085-20-09-09

Smart : +(855) 069-32-82-02

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