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Looking for a house for sale in Cambodia, then try our Sky Villa. Each 8.5m x 15.4m villa has its own 10m x 20m plot of land with large parking space and spacious veranda with sturdy glass railings. Its 360° glass views allow you to enjoy the outdoor environment from the comfort of your own home. With three bedrooms and four bathrooms, and u-shaped kitchen equipped with all the modern appliances, this modern designed luxury villa is ideal for modern urban family life. Each villa come with a concrete roof and waterproofing in preparation for the green season.

Style Villa gives you the best relationship with an exterior atmosphere. At every corner of the house, you can enjoy the green exterior of the house with a beautiful atmosphere.

A house where you can create happiness and give good times for yourself and your family.

Here is SKY VILLA in Borey Williams.

Box-shaped parking lot

The 44m2 box-shaped parking lot allows you to park up to two cars inside the house providing high security for your car. The box-shaped parking lot is made up of large marbles and lights at night that is really beautiful and very dignified.


Build a better relationship between you and your family! The joining room between a spacious living room covering 22 square meters allows you to see the green nature outside the house for 360 degrees.

It’s the perfect atmosphere for those long conversations.

Connect you to the beautiful exterior nature

There are many attractive points for the interior of the bedroom: the house color is painted with Jotun paint which is long-lasting, beautiful and it is easy to clean. Moreover, around the room, there are large and small glasses that enable enough light into the room.

This design makes the house owner relaxed and more attached to your dream house.

U-shaped staircase

Each large stair riser with glass railing on both sides connected with stainless steel rail make you feel safe to climb up and carry things up and down.

U-shaped kitchen

What do you want to cook today?

A luxurious kitchen with nice upper and lower kitchen cabinets and a central cooking space is suitable for modern housewives. Large glasses next to the kitchen make us relaxed. These are what housewives wish for. The 16 square meter U-shaped kitchen with many functions allows you to arrange your favorite dishes in the kitchen of your dreams today.

Extra provisions in the kitchen include upper and lower kitchen cabinet decorations, a Mex gas stove, and a chimney hood.

The perimeter of the house is illuminated by a Skylight

The Skylight is two large glasses on the roof of the house that is at the top of the stairs and gives enough light to the house which can help to save electricity in the whole house. Such a design is made up especially for this one house only.

Master bedroom

The first floor of Sky Villa is divided into different room types. The master room is the largest room among the two other rooms. It is designed with large windows from the bottom to the ceiling and there is a door that allows house owners to go outside and greatly enjoy a fresh atmosphere on the veranda.

A 23.5m2 room connects our life to nature well. This room contains 1 air conditioner.

The first bedroom for children is really beautiful and attractive. This room is painted with Jotun dark grey paint. It maintains luxury and longevity and this room is provided with a free air conditioner. There is a large window enabling enough light into the room which saves electricity.

The 2nd bedroom of SKY VILLA is more luxurious and beautiful than you have ever seen. It is not only a sleeping room but also the best place for you to relax. A room with a size of 14.5m2 provided with large glass window from the bottom to the top allows you to view the exterior landscape for 360 degrees and it is suitable for your daughters.

More Information about the Sky Villa house for sale in Phnom Penh:

Luxurious Home Design

As with all the house for sale in Cambodia, our Sky Villa features the most contemporary, edgy designs that make you feel as though you are living in an American community.

Modern Kitchens

Contemporary and edgy in design, our Sky Villa has an open u-shaped kitchen and dining area, with ample space for a range of modern kitchen appliances.

Attractive Living

In addition to our attractive living room, the Sky Villa comes with two reception areas and a large, beautiful family room, meaning that you have plenty of space for entertaining guests, as well as allowing the kids room to play. Our u-shaped wooden staircase connects downstairs living to upstairs sleeping.

Spacious Bedrooms

Each villa has three bedrooms and four bathrooms, including two spacious bedrooms for the kids. Ideal for a young family looking for their first home.

Outside Space

The Sky Villa is perfect for enjoying the outdoors life, with its spacious veranda with sturdy glass railings, you can enjoy the community feel of life in Borey Williams.

Ample Parking

Our Sky Villas have ample parking space, designed in a convenient box shape.

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