Borey Williams


Oasis Villa

Full Price $309,500 or ONLY $1,578/month

The Oasis Villa is a spacious 400m2 detached villa style home. Each home has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and has an open and “welcoming” floorplan. A very modern 21st century feel and luxurious color scheme gives you attractive eye appeal every time you come home. Many upgrade options are available for this floorplan including a type B – floorplan with a large kitchen extension, granite countertops, and full or partial décor options. Special features of this home include covered parking, front lawn and garden, and a large master bedroom with a big balcony.

Highlight Natural Stone

When you first move in your home, very attractive natural stone highlight it very coolest feature and differencing decoration other home. In whole house we have four two stone difference.

Custom Wooden Door

The nice views of a custom wooden door in front of your home, a double slide door with natural wood very attractively with your eye, strengthen and dignity of your life.

Spacious Parking Lot

Wide and curve car packing spaces easy to packing, when you arrived home, you can pack bellowed of celling of along balcony, you can move in your love home easy.

Huge Window​​

The closely nice view when we look outside, the huge window of Oasis Villa very coolest for living or enjoy our family meeting at night or holiday. I hope you enjoy with your family or parents.

Master Living Room

Full decoration included when you buy this house, the master living room of Oasis Villa very coolest by some decorations are wood style, big lighting, TV standing décor.

Dining Room

Wide spaces easy make event for your whole family not make noise sound effect to neighborhood.

Kitchen Cabinets

With better design of kitchen layout, wood style in island and big marble cover of all kitchen cabinets Kitchen of Oasis Villa accepted with whole family because we deeply understand about your requirement.

An Elder Ground Floor Bedroom

Cool decoration and easy to move or rotation to other places in whole homes. We make this room be comfortable by closely with natural views and easy to look out.

Master Bedroom

Feeling privacy? Only one master bedroom with many feature are your requirement in whole floor of home, BIG BEDROOM, LOFT, WALK-IN CLOSET, CLEAN BATHROOM….

Second Floor Bedroom

Slim and feeling fresh when you move in this room, nice decoration and long windows easy to move of lighting in to this room.

Wide Balcony

You want make interesting place for your family, here you can make a private pools and party space for your family easy. Near the top roof you can relax after full day working when you arrived lovely home.

Full Price $309,500 or ONLY $1,578/month

Working Space
Home Office

Working by comfortable​ feeling and confident with huge window let light along this room easy and amazing balcony decoration YOU CAN LOOK OUTSIDE AND SEE NICE VIEWS.