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Every part is highly Perfectly Luxury, with a special design concept for modern people.

Swimming Pools

The 28-square-meter private indoor swimming pool next to the dining area, including the lounge, really gives homeowners a happy & comfortable life.

The swimming pool, built with a beautiful atmosphere and nature next to the pool, offers you a refreshing feeling every time you’re at your beloved home, and especially the pool connected the host closer and happier all the time.

Living Room

The large living area of 40 square meters with large temper glass windows next to the pool allows homeowners to access the pool and is connected by two additional rooms such as a Game Room and a Dining Room. The connection between dining room and the kitchen inside the house that connects your family life better like this adjoining room.


The 39-square-meter modern kitchen is elegantly designed and comes with a range of appliances such as cabinets, sinks, smoke stoves, gas stoves and more in the kitchen.


The stair tread is attached to a double-sided glass rail, including a piece of wood floating from one radius to the other, strong, beautiful and durable. This design gives the most dignity to the homeowner and especially it gives the homeowner a fresh and unique feeling like never before.

Laundry Room

Outdoor Kitchen

Games Room

The 31-square-meter lounge with pool on the side is perfect for you, and in addition to the back kitchen, you can better organize a family party.

17m2 Elderly Bedroom Ground Floor

The 17-square-meter ground floor bedroom is connected to the living room, and the back of the kitchen and the existing bathroom is perfect for parents who are elderly and have difficulty accessing the stairs to the floor above. And especially so that they can enjoy their family longer because this room is not far from other rooms.

Dining Room

A larger dining room with large windows overlooking the pool and nature garden outside the home gives the homeowner a sense of intimacy.

Ground Floor

The ground floor has 1 bedroom, 1 large living room, 1 kitchen inside the house and 1 outdoor kitchen, 1 entertainment room, 1 dining room, and 1 parking space with auto remote such a convenient doors for your vehicle, 2 bathrooms, 1 laundry room, 1 storage room and more, enjoy your own private swimming pool next to each room of your home.


Enjoy your favorite scenery here! This room connects to the study room and is next to the stairs down to the ground floor, such a good connection gives you better communication of family members.

Master Suite/ Master Bedroom

Spacious master bedroom with beautiful changing room, modern bathroom with decorative ceilings and large mirrors next to the bed, making your stay always fresh. This room is 40 meters square next to the swimming pool and the door to the study room this is very convenient for the head of the family accessibility.

Study Room

19 square meters of study space between the master bedroom and your children’s first bedroom

First Floor

The first floor has 3 bedrooms, 1 study room and 3 connecting bathrooms on the same floor.

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