Borey Williams



We build quality homes and lovely design for your new homes, After move-in we are full one warranty on any issue happened in your home. Don’t worry about any issue happened in your house.

Tell us any time or put your issue in our services department and waiting our team to solved your problem.

1-Year Full Warranty

  • Roofing is covered from leaking or any forms of faulty installation.
  • Ceilings are covered from any sagging or peeling seams.
  • Gutters and drains are covered from any leaking or non-drainage issues.
  • Total plumbing system is covered from leaking, dripping pipe seams, improper water drainage due to faulty installation.
  • Total electrical system is covered including faulty functioning of internal and external LED lighting, faulty circuit breaker functionality, faulty light switches, and faulty electrical sockets.
  • Total mechanical systems are covered including non-functioning water faucets, door locks, door handles, door hinges, window functionality, and kitchen cabinetry.l
  • Floor and wall tiles are covered from cracking or settling problems from improper installation.
  • Paint and plastering is covered from any fading, cracking, chipping due to improper mixing or application.
  • Signs of faulty foundation work is covered from any type of cracking in walls, floors, and ceilings.

10-Years Full Warranty

  • Insulated roofing panels are covered from any form of defect by the manufacturer (ISI Steel) for 10 years.

Variable Warranty

  • External and internal paint used in your home carries a 1-year manufacturer warranty (Jotun) from defects in the product.
  • Water heater carries a 1-year manufacturer warranty (Rinnai) from product defects.
  • Air-conditioner units carry a 1-year manufacturer warranty (Midea) from product defects.
  • Toilets, sinks, and bathroom and kitchen fixtures may have manufacturers warranties. Customers may check with each individual brand directly to check what is covered

How to make a warranty claim

  • Step1: Call or come into customer services and make a warranty claim.

  • Step2: Customer services staff will contact you to schedule time for the maintenance team assesses your claim in your homes

  • Step3: After the maintenance team assesses your claim, Customer services will contact you with the results of the assessment and inform you if repairs have been authorized or not, and when repairs will be made.