Borey Williams



You can make your home totally unique and personalized through our customize service. Customers at Borey Williams have many options to make adjustments or “customize” their home, by making changes to their floorplan, material choices, or overall upgrades to their home. For example, you may want to add a another bedroom, expand your kitchen size, or change the type of flooring throughout your home. All of this is possible through our home customization service.

Below is a list of some of our most popular customization choices that our customers choose:

Extend your kitchen size

Add bedrooms​

Add bathrooms​

Adjust the layout of the floorplan​​

Premium fencing options​

Choose premium granite or marble choices

Purchase extra land​

Add a parking garage​

Add a pool​​

Choose landscaping options​

Add a bathtub or jacuzzi​

Increase walk-in closet sizes​

Paint color changes

Add an outdoor kitchen

Covered parking options

Increase electric amperage

Central air-conditioning system

Smart home connectivity

Security system protection

Additional lighting choices​

Solar power system​