Borey Williams


Custom Home Construction​

Do you have your own land and want to build a totally unique home on your land? Borey Williams offers full home construction service to customers that have their own land. Customers can choose a home style from existing Borey Williams floorplans or have our architecture team design a brand-new home just for you. We cover every detail of the build from start to finish, and remove all the headaches and stress typically involved with new home construction. We also warranty every custom home we build just like we do in all our larger communities. You just have to sit back, relax, and get ready to move in.

Our Responsibilities:

Here are many of the tasks we take care of for you when we build a custom home on your land:

  • Soil testing 
  • Survey work 
  • Land fill and compaction
  • Fence construction
  • Building permits
  • Electric and water hook up
  • Drainage work
  • Road work
  • Arrange home loan financing for you (if needed)
  • Direct and manage the labor force
  • Set up temporary housing for the labor force
  • Perform safety checks 
  • Hold liability insurance 
  • Place head engineer on-site throughout the entire build for constant inspection
  • Manage all the material purchasing, inspection, usage, and storage 
  • Manage ALL stages of home construction until completion and handover
  • Architectural design work
  • Engineering calculations and blueprint review
  • Landscaping
  • Provide 1-year new home warranty so you have peace of mind after you move in

Your responsibilities:

  • Relax
  • Take a vacation
  • Get ready to move in

Our Super-EASY Custom Home Building Process

Step 1

  • Choose the home design you want.

Step 2

  • If you choose one of our standard floorplan designs: Proceed to Step 4.
  • If you want a NEW custom designed home: Schedule a meeting with our Architect and tell us what you want your dream home to look like.

Step 3

  • Our architect will design your home and calculate the final cost.

Step 4

  • Review the floorplans, choose a payment plan, and sign the purchase contract.

Step 5 (Optional)

  • Our Home Loan Department will work with our partner banks to get you a bank loan to cover the cost of home construction.

Step 6

  • Your bank loan or first payment is disbursed to Borey Williams and our construction team starts construction.

Step 7

  • In about 6-8 months, your home is complete and ready to move in!

To get started or learn more about having us build a Custom Home on your land contact us today: