Borey Williams


Borey Williams Pka Romdul

One of the standout developments of all borey in Phnom Penh, Borey Williams Pka Romdul was our first project located in Romdul Village, Khan Kambol, in the western part of Phnom Penh.

The popularity of the gated community has meant it has expanded eight times since the original development, with now more than 330 single-family homes.

Its great location has made this one of the most popular of all borey in Phnom Penh. Borey Williams Pka Romdul is located close to the popular Khan Sen Sok area that contains AEON Mall 2, Makro, and other large shops. However, it does not carrying the ensuing hefty price tag.


A short drive from Phnom Penh International Airport and with easy access to Sihanoukville and the coast with the opening of the new expressway, Borey Williams Pka Romdul is also near to where the new Calmette Hospital is being constructed.

Borey Williams Pka Romdul has its own private school, private high quality health clinic and 2,000 square meter shopping market, Romdul Market.

Borey Meaning: What is a Borey?

American Style Homes

Like with all borey in Phnom Penh designed by us, the homes at Borey Williams Pka Romdul are modern and American-style, as if you were living in an American community. Our flexible customized approach allows you to choose the perfect home design for your needs.

Romdul Market

Before the arrival of Romdul Market, Khan Kambol was lacking modern retail space. Romdul Market is clean and modern, with music creating an attractive environment for customers. 

First retail market at Borey Williams

The 221 retail units offer a unique opportunity for you to create your own business on your doorstep.

BBQ garden

Borey Williams Pka Romdul has its own BBQ park with outdoor grills, exercise area, and plenty of green space. The ideal spot for a family picnic, there is even a putting green for you to get in some practice before you play a round at nearby Royal Phnom Penh Golf Club.

Swimming Pool

Borey Williams Pka Romdul also has a large community swimming pool which you can enjoy with your family after a hard day’s work or at the weekend.

If you are interested in purchasing a home in Borey Williams Pka Romdul, contact us now.