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What Is the Best Supermarket in Phnom Penh?

What is the Best Supermarket in Phnom Penh?

One of the prime considerations for deciding what part of town to move to is the quality of the local supermarkets. This is why we have created this brief supermarket Phnom Penh guide so that you will never get caught short with an empty fridge.

The Best Supermarket in Phnom Penh

Few would argue that the Sen Sok area is the place to head for the best Phnom Penh supermarket. Aeon Mall Sen Sok (Aeon 2) has a large and well-stocked Aeon supermarket.

Nearby, the Makro Sen Sok is also well provisioned and popular offering all the good that you associate with the global supermarket chain.

Other supermarkets in the area include Chip Mong supermarket at Chip Mong Sen Sok Mall, and Global House, Sen Sok.

All these supermarkets so close together really does make Sen Sok the shopping hotspot in Phnom Penh. You can meet all your needs in one trip to the shops. Also, as Sen Sok is only a 20-minute drive from the Kambol district, and has wonderful parking provision, you can easily jump in your car and do your shopping here, should you choose to purchase a property in Borey Williams.

Other Supermarkets in Phnom Penh

Take a 15-minute drive from Kambol towards the airport and you will pass Century Plaza, although this is not currently open, it is expected to include a supermarket, which provides you with a handy shopping alternative to the popular Sen Sok area. Further along the Russian Boulevard is CG Mall, opposite the airport, which has a Lucky Supermarket.

Lucky Supermarket in Phnom Penh

Indeed the Lucky group has a number of supermarkets across the capital, including Lucky Supermarket K Mall near Chaom Chao intersection. There are also a number of Lucky Express supermarkets in Phnom Penh, including on National Road 4 which is not far from Kambol.

If you prefer to go to local markets rather than modern supermarkets or malls for your shopping, the good news is that Phnom Penh has a number of local markets that we will deal with in our Phnom Penh market guide.

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