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Phnom Penh Shopping Mall Guide

Phnom Penh Shopping Mall Guide

One of the great things about living in modern Phnom Penh is the rise of the genuine international quality shopping mall. Long gone have the days when people had to be shown how to use the escalator in the original Sorya Mall. This article provides a quick Phnom Penh shopping mall guide.

Best Phnom Penh Shopping Malls: A look at Sen Sok

The Phnom Penh shopping mall scene really took off with the construction of the original Aeon Mall, in downtown Phnom Penh close to the riverside. Since then the Sen Sok area has really taken off as the main shopping district in Phnom Penh.

This area includes the Aeon Mall Sen Sok (Aeon 2), one of the biggest and arguably best modern shopping mall in Phnom Penh, with a wide range of local and international shops selling the latest brands, as well as top quality restaurants, and Aeon supermarket.

Next to Aeon 2 is Global House, Sen Sok, which is a popular megastore selling high quality household goods. Also in the area is Chip Mong Sen Sok Mall and Makro Sen Sok.

Sok Sen is only a 20-minute drive from Borey Williams. There is plenty of parking in the shopping hotspot, making this ideal for people living in nearby boreys, such as Borey Williams.

The Local : Williams Plaza

If you do decide to purchase a dream home in Borey Williams you will also discover Williams Plaza, located within the borey complex, convenient for all your everyday shopping needs, meaning that you do not have to venture to Sen Sok, apart from for a great shopping day out.

Other Phnom Penh Shopping Malls

A 15-minute drive towards Phnom Penh International Airport is Century Plaza, located in the Pochentong area of town on Russian Boulevard. This shopping mall is currently under construction but will be open shortly.

A little further along the Russian Boulevard is CG Mall located opposite the airport. This is particularly recommended for dining. Finally, there is Chip Mong 598 Mall, another modern mall developed in the Chip Mong borey to the north of the city.

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