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Finding a Pet Friendly Neighborhood in Phnom Penh

Finding a Pet Friendly Neighborhood in Phnom Penh

How to find the best neighborhood in Phnom Penh for pet owners

Cambodia has undergone such radical changes in the last 2 decades that many areas around the capital city of Phnom Penh haven’t kept up with the needs of residents, especially pet lovers. Lack of sidewalks, lack of large public parks, and the predominant type of city home being a flat (townhouse) style home with no grassed in yard makes it challenging for people that want to keep a pet. However, there is hope for homebuyers looking for a house for sale in Phnom Penh where they can keep a pet, in particular dogs. Here is what to look for when you are searching for the ideal neighborhood in the city for you and your furry friend.


Look to Boreys that have green parks

Many boreys in the suburbs of Phnom Penh, are endless rows of shophouses with very little to no greenspace. Given the high prices of land, this is easy to see why many developers maximize the number of homes they can cram into a development. However, there are a select number of borey developments that have large grassed in parks with shade trees making it ideal to walk your dog. Dogs especially need space to run, and all the better if it is on the grass instead of concrete pavement.


Choose a neighborhood with sidewalks

This is unfortunately not a common thing here in Cambodia. So many boreys will tend to have predominantly flat (townhouse) style homes with property lines that go all the way to the road, leaving no sidewalk. This leads to congestion in the borey and forces residents that want to walk, jog, or walk their pets, to do it in the street, which is not recommended in Phnom Penh. The best neighborhoods in Phnom Penh will have proper setbacks from the road to individual property lines leaving adequate sidewalks throughout the neighborhood. Once again because of the high land costs in the city, this is an added expense to the developer, which is why it is not common. However, there are a select few developments in the city that have sidewalks throughout which are perfect for a safe walk with your pet.


Choose a home with a grassed in front and back yard

This is one of the hardest features to find in neighborhoods in Phnom Penh for several reasons. It is very uncommon to be able to purchase a home with a grassed in lawn because it has become habit in Phnom Penh to pave or tile the area around most homes giving more room for parking. This has become so common, also, because home lot sizes are typically very small in the city. However, the best neighborhoods in Phnom Penh do actually offer larger lot sizes that include grassed in lawns in front, back, and around the sides of the home. Developers like Borey Williams base their home designs on American styling and concepts which includes a large lawn and plenty of green grass around each home. This is a must have for pet lovers, and worth the investment.


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