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Find a Nearby Clinic in Phnom Penh near Kambol

Find a Nearby Clinic in Phnom Penh near Kambol

While you might need to visit a hospital for emergencies or medical check ups, for minor accidents and illnesses you are much more likely to go to a medical clinic. It has always been easy to find a clinic in Phnom Penh; there appears to be one almost on every street corner. It is much more difficult to find a good and reliable clinic in Phnom Penh.

The good news is that the quality of clinics in Cambodia has improved, much like hospitals, over the last decade or so. The bad news is that the quality still varies from clinic to clinic. With this in mind we have created this guide to clinics in Cambodia.

Clinics near Kambol

There are a number of high quality clinics in Kambol close to Borey Williams. These include the Kambol Health Center, NUMA clinic, and Sophat Kambol clinic. So, you really do not have to travel far for your routine medical needs should you wish to purchase your dream home in Borey Williams.

Other Clinics in Phnom Penh

As mentioned above there are numerous clinics across the Cambodian capital. Some of the most well established are International SOS, which was founded in 1998 and is now located on Street 208, and Naga Clinic on Street 254, which was established in the same year. For a very personal service you can also visit the Tropical and Travellers Medical Clinic which was established in 1997 by British doctor Gavin Scott.

Health Insurance

Although it is undeniable that the quality in health care provision has improved immeasurably over the last decade or more, it is still prudent for you to take out private medical insurance regardless whether you are moving to the country or are a Cambodian citizen. Fortunately there are a number of reputable health insurance providers in the capital who can provide you with the cover you require.

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