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Do You Dream About Building a New House?

For many of us any property will do. A house or apartment is simply a place to live, a roof over our heads, and owning that property makes much more sense than paying rent to someone else for the privilege. But for some, a home is much more than a step on the property ladder. It represents an expression of our own personality as well as a statement of what we have become. For those people any old property just won’t do. This is our guide for all of you who dream about building a new house.

Don’t Just Dream about Building a New House

The first thing is don’t just dream, as a famous brand says – just do it! Dreams are unfulfilled reality. Make your dream house come true. Having said that, it’s not a great idea to rush off right now and starting digging the foundations for your dream home. There are certain things you should consider first.

Location, Location, Location

Your ideal home is not just a dream, it is also a major investment. So, as with any property purchase in Cambodia, it is advisable to consider carefully the area you wish to build your dream home. Check out what services and facilities there are locally, as well as any infrastructure plans.

Get Professional Help

At Borey Williams we always advise that you seek professional advice before purchasing a property in Cambodia, this applies more than ever when you are planning to build your dream home. You might think you are the next Vann Molyvann, but it always makes sense to hire professional architects, engineers, planners, and landscapers to ensure that your home turns out to be a dream and not a nightmare.

Budget Properly

For this you need to make sure that you have sufficient funds. All construction projects are notorious for going over budget. When estimating the overall cost, make sure you allow a contingency for any unexpected eventuality. It’s always best to end up with a little surplus cash once your dream house is complete, than to have to seek extra funding half way through the project. After all you can always use that money to invite your friends around and show off your dream home.

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