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Discovering Cambodia’s Luxury Real Estate

Discovering Cambodia's Luxury Real Estate

As befits a growing market the Cambodian real estate market has a wide range of properties to cater for anyone’s budget. At the top of this naturally sits Cambodia’s luxury real estate. This is our Cambodia luxury real estate guide.

Cambodia Luxury Real Estate

At the top of the Cambodian real estate market you will find developments such as Peng Huoth, Orkide Villa and Chip Mong, where you can purchase a detached single family queen villa for around $1 million, or even close to $2 million for king villas.

Like anywhere it is prudent to research the market and study either the plans or the actual property before you commit pen to paper. Some of these luxury borey properties represent real luxury, while others are nothing more than a standard borey house – albeit with a lot of rooms – with a bit of bling added in for those aspirational buyers.

Really it all depends upon what is top of your list of requirements. Do you really need that fifth or sixth bedroom, or would you prefer a contemporary design?

Borey Williams Redefining Luxury

Comparative houses to those mentioned above retail for between $300,000 to $650,000 at Borey Williams. This represents great investment potential as well as allowing you to purchase affordable luxury.

Unlike many boreys, Borey Williams’ homes include many premium fixtures and finishes, such as air conditioners, premium granite countertops, premium light fixtures, premium kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and named brands throughout. Our designs are contemporary and luxurious without being overtly showy. Take a look at our flagship California Villa for an example.

Luxury Life in a Borey

It is also worth remembering that living in a borey is very much part of a community. Most borey have a range of houses from townhouses to shophouses and twin villas, through to the detached villas of ever increasing size and opulence.

Borey developments that are only luxury do not really exist. Some lean more towards that way but they will always have a range. Lower end shophouses are an essential part of a borey in order to provide local retail without which the borey would be lacking in convenience.

So, our advice is that before you buy that Cambodia luxury real estate you study carefully what you are paying for, and while you are at it, perhaps you could take a look at the contemporary luxury properties at Borey Williams. You might end up picking up an affordable property with great investment potential that is your ideal home.

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