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Build a Home in Cambodia

Build a Home in Cambodia

Many people do not just want to purchase a property but they want to build a home in Cambodia. One downside with purchasing a ready built property within a developed borey in Cambodia is that the property not only has been designed, but it has been built as well. Retrofitting changes to your new property can be both a costly and lengthy process, at the end of which you might not be totally happy with the final product.


Build a Home in a Borey in Cambodia

If you buy a property from a borey that is under construction you have the potential of creating your own dream home to your specific specifications.

Not all home builders allow for customization of designs, so we advise that you check up before you commit to buying any new property.


Customize Your Dream Home

At Borey Williams we do allow home buyers to adapt designs to reflect their personality and specifications. We have various customization and upgrade options that include extra bedroom and fittings. We also have ready-made package upgrades if that is what you are seeking.


Build a Home with Borey Williams

We do not only build homes within borey. A special service that we offer is to help you build your dream home on your own private land outside of our borey developments. This means you will get the assurance that your home will be built to the same standards and specifications as those within the borey but on land that you already own.

Should you choose to go on your own way and build your own home, be careful as there are hundreds of construction companies out there. The quality of these property developers and building companies can vary considerably. Make sure you choose the right one with a good reputation, otherwise you might discover your dream home turns out to be a nightmare, or may never be built at all. Partnering with Borey Williams in building your property removes all those fears.

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