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Borey Meaning: What is a Borey?

Borey Meaning: What is a Borey?

Those of you unfamiliar with the Cambodian property market might be unfamiliar with the term ‘borey’. This is a pity, as borey often represent the best value for money option for people looking to purchase a property in Cambodia, especially those looking for a first-time buy. They also can offer great commercial investment opportunities.

Borey Meaning

Initially the word borey referred to a town or city in Khmer, however the term has evolved and now the word borey in English can best be translated as gated community, although not all borey are necessarily gated.

You can find borey all over the country, but especially in the capital Phnom Penh.

What is the Meaning of Borey in English?

Borey is a housing sub-division. Borey are private residential housing communities. Typically they are gated communities with a mix of property types ranging from town houses, shop houses, semi-detached and large single family villas. Some borey developments also include condos.

Features of Borey

Borey tend to have their own security systems making them safe environments in which to bring up your family.

They also have a wide range of amenities typically including schools, clinics, markets, malls, swimming pools, tennis courts, parks and leisure facilities. Some, such as Borey Williams, have retail outlets that can offer good investment opportunities.

Why Buy a Property in a Borey?

Apart from all of the above, one of the major attractions of purchasing a property in a borey is that cost can be much more affordable than in more central downtown areas, where prices have become increasingly prohibitive.

Naturally, like with all types of property, borey vary in quality, therefore it is good to carry out research on different borey developments before you purchase. With its modern American style design Borey Williams developments offer great value for money with contemporary spaces ideal for bringing up a young family in a safe environment.

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