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Borey House vs Condo in Phnom Penh

There are many types of property you can buy in Cambodia, but if you are looking for new builds you might well find yourself choosing between buying a borey house and a condo in Phnom Penh.

Before we start, you should note that only Cambodians can buy a borey house in Cambodia, expats and foreigners can only buy strata title, ie. condos built after 2010. Having said that there are plenty of condo for sale in Phnom Penh, and there are ways that foreigners can buy borey houses including nominee structure.

Borey House in Phnom Penh

One of the key advantages in buying a borey house in Phnom Penh is there are a vast variety of options available at affordable prices. These range from simple shop houses and flat houses to detached and semi-detached houses and villas.

There are plenty of options with borey being built all the time. They can represent excellent value for money especially for Cambodians looking for their first property.

Some borey have a great sense of community, although others can be soulless as many buyers are looking for an investment rather than a place to live there. While some borey have “zoning rules” that prohibit people opening shops and businesses in residential areas, others are more flexible. It therefore pays to scope out the borey before you put down your initial deposit.

Condo for Sale in Phnom Penh

If living in a borey is not for you, then you could consider one of the many condo blocks being built in the capital.

These tend to be more centrally located than borey, and have great rental opportunities. However, they also tend to be more expensive than borey houses.

Seek Professional Advice

Whether it is a borey house of a condo in Phnom Penh that you are seeking, you should make sure that you gain professional advice. Buying property in Phnom Penh can represent great investment potential, but there are also many pitfalls that you have to first navigate.

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