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5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect House Building Design

The first step on the property ladder for many people is to purchase an existing build whether this is an apartment, a condo or a house in a borey. However, many people, especially those looking for their next step up that ladder, are looking to purchase a new build. But which new build should you purchase. With so many new builds available it can be difficult to consider which house building design is the right one for you. After all you can not exactly pop around to the house for a viewing. With this in mind here is our guide to choosing the perfect house building design.

Be Clear about your Requirements

Our first piece of advice is to be clear in our own mind on what you want. We all have different criteria. Some might want a large outdoor space, others might need an extra room for that third child. Before you start looking at options be clear what is important for you.

Think about Sell-On Value

But don’t forget that ultimately the property is an investment. One that you might wish to sell one day. You might not care too much about the design of the kitchen but your potential purchasers probably will.

Remember It Will Look Different in Reality

Drawings, plans and models can be wonderful in helping you realise what your house will ultimately look like, but they are ultimately only artist’s impressions. Keep this in mind when you are looking at plans.

Check Out Similar Builds

Therefore it is a good idea to check out similar designs that have already been built preferably by the same developer before you pay your initial deposit. This will help you firm up the design in your mind, as well as convince you that the developer will deliver on their promises.

Stick to Your Budget

Once you have decided on your budget and chosen a design accordingly, stick to it. You might wish to choose a property with an extra bedroom, but it is best to have a property you can afford than to be saddled with debt you are taking forever to pay off. Remember that this is only one step on the ladder, you can always upsize later on when your property has risen in value.

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