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Borey in Khan Sen Sok vs Khan Kambol

We continue with our look into the various districts in the Cambodian capital with Khan Sen Sok, which is one of the most sought after parts of Phnom Penh.

Where is Khan Sen Sok?

There are several reasons why property in Khan Sen Sok is so highly sought, one of which is its location. Sen Sok is to the northwest of downtown Phnom Penh just beyond Tuol Kouk. This means that you can easily reach the city center but also have your own amenities close to hand. Those who wish for an urban vibe will probably like Khan Sen Sok.

Borey in Khan Sen Sok

The area has seen considerable borey developments as well as several combined borey – condo developments. The most noteworthy of these include: Grand Phnom Penh, Borey Phnom Penh Thmey and The Varina Sen Sok.

The popularity of the area due to its extensive local shopping, including AEON Mall Sen Sok City, and leisure facilities (see below) has meant that Khan Sen Sok has been massively developed in recent years. This has led to a noticeable lack of available land and property. You are now much more likely to find available properties here in condos than borey.

Shopping in Khan Sen Sok

Shoppers will go wild for Khan Sen Sok especially with its AEON Mall Sen Sok City, or AEON 2, with more than 100 shops, movie theatres, and numerous food outlets and food courts. Other large shopping complexes include Makro and Chip Mong Sen Sok Mall. The high number of quality shopping outlets in the area mean that you can easily find international brands in this part of town.

Facilities in Khan Sen Sok

However life in Khan Sen Sok is not just about shopping. There are a number of leisure facilities such as the Nicklaus’ designed Grand Phnom Penh Golf Club, which is located next to the Grand Phnom Penh Water Park. Sen Sok hospital, or Sok International University Hospital, provides international quality health care. There are also several international schools, such as Northbridge International School, Home of English International School, and The Japanese School of Phnom Penh.

Comparisons with Khan Kambol

Although Khan Sen Sok has numerous shopping facilities, Khan Kambol has its own Williams Plaza and Romdul Market both located in Borey Williams. Kambol also has the Royal Phnom Penh Golf Club nearby to rival the Grand Phnom Penh Golf Club. The area is also close to the Royal Phnom Penh Hospital arguably the premium health care facility in the capital. However, the main difference between the areas is the cost of property. Khan Kambol is a rising area ideal for people looking to invest in the Phnom Penh property market, in Sen Sok that boat has long since sailed.

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