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Borey in Khan Porsenchey vs Khan Kambol

Our series of articles comparing Khan Kambol with various districts and provinces in and around Phnom Penh continues with the district closest to Kambol, namely Khan Porsenchey.

Where is Khan Porsenchey?

In fact Porsenchey district was split into two when Khan Kambol was created in 2019. Kambol is the outer part of the former district with Khan Porsenchey constituting the inner part around Phnom Penh airport and Chaom Chau.

Borey in Khan Porsenchey

Khan Porsenchey has a number of borey developments. This include Borey Grand Park and Borey HBL. As Porsenchey district is slightly closer to town than neighboring Khan Kambol, prices are likely to reflect this upwardly.

Shopping in Khan Porsenchey

Porsenchey district has a number of local strip malls and markets as well as shopping outlets and restaurants close to the airport, which is typical of a Phnom Penh district. It is also close to Khan Sen Sok with its excellent retail outlets including AEON Mall 2 and Makro.

Amenities in Khan Porsenchey

Golfers should note the close proximity to Royal Phnom Penh Golf Club. It is also close to the Royal Phnom Penh Hospital.

Comparisons with Khan Kambol

As you might expect from neighboring districts there is much in common shared by Khan Porsenchey and Khan Kambol. They both benefit from their proximity to Khan Sen Sok and its modern retail facilities, while being sufficiently removed to mean you do not pay for this proximity. An advantage of Khan Kambol is that it has its own modern retail facilities in Borey Williams, such as Romdul Market and Williams Plaza. Also, as Khan Kambol is slightly further away from downtown Phnom Penh than is Khan Porsenchey, prices tend to reflect this. Both districts show great promise for individuals and companies looking to invest in the Cambodian property market.

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