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Borey in Khan Mean Chey vs Khan Kambol

In the latest of our series of articles looking at the investment potential of various districts of Phnom Penh and comparing them with Khan Kambol, we take a look at Khan Mean Chey.

Where is Khan Mean Chey?

Mean Chey district is a very large sprawling are covering huge swathes of land to the south and south west of the capital. The inner part consists of Stueng Mean Chey, while the outer part extends down Hun Sen Boulevard, or ‘60 Meter Road’, through Chak Angae Krom towards Takhmao.

Borey in Khan Mean Chey

Although the inner part of the district around Stueng Mean Chey is quite central this is also an industrialized part of the city with few borey. The newer borey developments are focused around Chak Angrae along Hun Sen Boulevard. These include : Borey Peng Huoth The Star Diamond, Borey Villa Town, Borey Chip Mong 271, Borey Peng Huoth The Star Natural, Borey Woodland Residences, and Borey Chip Mong Landmark 60M.

Shopping in Khan Mean Chey

AEON Mall 3, Chip Mong 271 Mega Mall and Chip Mong 60M Mall are all international standard shopping malls that are slated to open shortly, in addition to the current WB Arena.

Schools in Khan Mean Chey

The International School of Phnom Penh (ISPP) is located in Chak Angrae Krom, Khan Mean Chey.

Comparisons with Khan Kambol

Khan Mean Chey is one of the more sought after parts of Phnom Penh, especially in Chak Angrae Krom. However it is not as central as Sen Sok Khan. The area should further develop when the new airport is opened in Takhmao. Reclamation of wetlands around Boeung Tumpun could leave the area vulnerable to flooding. Up-and-coming Khan Kambol is closer to Sen Sok Khan with its AEON Mall 2 and also offers wonderful investment opportunities for Phnom Penh property purchasers.

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