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Borey in Khan Dangkor vs Khan Kambol

Another area in the Cambodian capital that people might consider purchasing property is Khan Dangkor Phnom Penh.

Where is Khan Dangkor?

Dangkor district Phnom Penh is located to the south of the city to the east of Khan Mean Chey. The district is a bit far removed from both the downtown area of town and also the popular developments to the north of town such as Khan Sen Sok. The area to the east of Khan Dangkor, neighboring Khan Mean Chey, is slightly better than the area to the east.

Borey in Khan Dangkor

Possibly due to its perceived unfavourable location the Dangkor district has not seen a large amount of borey development. The most noticeable is the Chip Mong Land Landmark 60 borey.

Shopping in Khan Dangkor

In addition to having a borey in the area The Chip Mong group also has a Mall. Khan Dangkor Phnom Penh is also reasonably close to AEON 3.

Facilities in Khan Dangkor

Khan Dangkor is not heavily endowed with public amenities. Although this might well change as the new international airport is built nearby. It is probably best known for being the location for Choeung Ek, or the Killing Fields.

Comparisons with Khan Kambol

Frankly currently there is very little going for Khan Dangkor. It has the misfortune of being located on the wrong side of Phnom Penh. However, the area does have potential for investment especially once the new airport is built south of Takhmao near the eastern part of Dangkor district. This is an area that could reward the patient Cambodian property investor. Its main similarity with Khan Kambol is that here too you can find property at a great value, ideal for an investment. However, the key differences between the areas is that Kambol is located close to Khan Sen Sok, meaning that you have international quality healthcare, shopping, school and golf courses on your doorstep, now. Khan Kambol also has its own Williams Plaza and Romdul Market both located in Borey Williams.

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