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Borey in Kandal Province vs Khan Kambol

Continuing our travel around the various districts of Phnom Penh and comparing them with Khan Kambol we take a look at Kandal which is not a district of the capital but a province in its own right. Here is our guide if you are considering making an offer for land for sale in Kandal Province.

Where is Kandal Province?

Kandal is the province that wraps itself around the capital Phnom Penh. Its capital Ta Khmao, is about eight kilometers south of downtown Phnom Penh.

Borey in Kandal Province

There are some borey developments in Kandal province, but not as many as in the city itself. Generally the borey developments are based around Takhmao, a few around Oudong to the north, and some along National Road 4 to the west, beyond Khan Kambol. These include Borey Chaktomuk City, Borey H8888, and Borey Maory. There are also some borey developments across the Mekong in Arey Ksat, although access to Phnom Penh from here is via a ferry.

Shopping and Amenities in Kandal Province

Takhmao is a typical Cambodian provincial town and as such provides shopping and other amenities as you might expect to find anywhere across the country, although not providing the international shopping malls, health care facilities and schools you would associate with the capital Phnom Penh.

Comparisons with Khan Kambol

The great attraction of looking at land for sale in Kandal Province is that prices are cheaper than in Phnom Penh. There is a reason for this. Access to the capital is far from ideal. If travel time is not an issue, or you are looking for a long-term investment, then as the capital expands, especially when the new airport is built, property prices in Kandal Province are likely to rise. Khan Kambol represents similar sound investment prospects. An emerging area, property prices will inevitably rise as Khan Kambol develops. However it benefits from having great links to both downtown areas and Sen Sok currently, as well as its own shopping malls Williams Plaza and Romdul Market.

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