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Borey in Chaom Chau vs Khan Kambol

Chaom Chau is located close to the current Phnom Penh International Airport. This article compares Chaom Chau with Khan Kambol.

Infrastructure in Chaom Chau and Khan Kambol

Chaom Chau is located close to the flyover that leads from the centre of Phnom Penh to the airport. It is at the junction of Russian Boulevard, and National Roads 3 and 4. Due to its proximity to the airport there are height restrictions on the properties that can be built here. The area suffers from traffic congestion especially around rush hour.

Correspondingly, Khan Kambol has the completed Win Win Boulevard ring road which provides speedy access to western, northern and soon southern districts of Phnom Penh. It also has access to the new Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville expressway, opening up the south of Cambodia and its beaches. Kambol is only five to 10 minutes from the flyover into downtown Phnom Penh.

Kambol is close to the airport, but is a quieter area than Chaom Chau and suffers from less traffic congestion. Property prices in Kambol are lower than in Chaom Chau due to the district being slightly further from downtown Phnom Penh.

Shopping in Chaom Chau and Khan Kambol

Chaom Chau is a relatively commercial area, characterized by industrial lots and factories, without much shopping.

Khan Kambol has its own Williams Plaza and Romdul Market both located in Borey Williams, as well as quick access to the major shopping malls in the Sen Sok area, including AEON 2, Makro and Chip Mong Sen Sok Mall.

Other Comparisons

Kambol has the Royal Phnom Penh Golf Club nearby which rivals the Grand Phnom Penh Golf Club. The area is also close to the Royal Phnom Penh Hospital arguably the premium health care facility in the capital.

Chaom Chau is not really a very desirable residential area due to is noise and traffic congestion, even though Khan Kambol is a cheaper area to live, arguably it is a more desirable place to establish a home. Borey Williams has American-style gated properties, perfect for people looking to establish a family home, as well as offering good investment opportunities.

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