Borey in Sangkat Teuk Thla vs Khan Kambol

Teuk Thla is the area around Russian Boulevard with most of the main car dealerships in the city just before the international airport. This article compares the area with the Kambol district of Phnom Penh. Infrastructure in Kambol and Teuk Thla Phnom Penh Situated close to the airport Sangkat Teuk Thla has some of the […]

Borey in Khan Prek Pnov vs Khan Kambol

Khan Prek Pnov is to the north of Phnom Penh, right on the edge of the city before it becomes Kandal Province. Here we compare Prek Pnov with Kambol. Infrastructure in Khan Prek Pnov and Kambol Prek Pnov is situated along Road 5 beside the Tonle Sap. The Prek Pnov bridge leads to the Chroy […]

Borey in Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmei vs Khan Kambol

To the northwest of the downtown area, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmei was one of the Cambodian capital’s original suburbs although now it is very much part of the city centre. This article compares the sangkat with Khan Kambol. Comparing Phnom Penh Thmei with Khan Kambol Phnom Penh Thmei is part of the popular Sen Sok […]

Borey in Kandal Province vs Khan Kambol

Continuing our travel around the various districts of Phnom Penh and comparing them with Khan Kambol we take a look at Kandal which is not a district of the capital but a province in its own right. Here is our guide if you are considering making an offer for land for sale in Kandal Province. […]

Borey in Khan Dangkor vs Khan Kambol

Another area in the Cambodian capital that people might consider purchasing property is Khan Dangkor Phnom Penh. Where is Khan Dangkor? Dangkor district Phnom Penh is located to the south of the city to the east of Khan Mean Chey. The district is a bit far removed from both the downtown area of town and […]

Borey in Khan Chbar Ampov vs Khan Kambol

We continue our journey through the various districts of the Cambodian capital with a visit to Khan Chbar Ampov, which in recent years has been a very popular area for borey development sites in Phnom Penh. Where is Khan Chbar Ampov Phnom Penh? Khan Chbar Ampov is located just across Chbar Ampov Bridge (Monivong Bridge) […]

Borey near Krong Ta Khmau vs Khan Kambol

The latest of series of articles comparing Khan Kambol with various districts and provinces in and around the capital takes us to Krong Ta Khmau Kandal to the south of Phnom Penh. Where is Ta Khmau Cambodia? Krong Ta Khmau is technically not within Phnom Penh city limits but in the neighboring province of Kandal […]

Borey in Khan Porsenchey vs Khan Kambol

Our series of articles comparing Khan Kambol with various districts and provinces in and around Phnom Penh continues with the district closest to Kambol, namely Khan Porsenchey. Where is Khan Porsenchey? In fact Porsenchey district was split into two when Khan Kambol was created in 2019. Kambol is the outer part of the former district […]

Borey in Khan Mean Chey vs Khan Kambol

In the latest of our series of articles looking at the investment potential of various districts of Phnom Penh and comparing them with Khan Kambol, we take a look at Khan Mean Chey. Where is Khan Mean Chey? Mean Chey district is a very large sprawling are covering huge swathes of land to the south […]

Borey in Chak Angre Krom vs Khan Kambol

Another district in Phnom Penh, and one that has proved popular for investors is Chak Angre Krom. Where is Chak Angre Krom? Chak Angre Krom and Chak Angre Leu are districts to the south of Phnom Penh to the east of Khan Dangkor. They represent the more desirable part of Khan Mean Chey. Borey in […]